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SVP Central Region Sales Manager Matt Lilly Joins Harvest!

Harvest is proud to add Matt Lilly as our new Texas Regional Sales Manager

Born in Dallas, Matt graduated with a Business degree from the University of North Texas in Denton. He’s lived in Texas most of his life, working for American Bank, N.A., Midwest Regional Bank, PCFS and Velocity. “It’s always been about SBA with me, since the very beginning,” Matt says. “It’s all I’ve ever done.”

A married man with two young children, Matt strongly believes in keeping up with changing times. He says, “with all the changes in the credit markets and the commercial real estate, you’ve got to embrace the change.”

Harvest COO Todd Massas says, "We're happy to welcome Matt Lilly as the new head of our sales team in Texas. With his strong SBA experience, and our strong new product offerings, Matt will be a force to reckon with across The South."

Welcome to Harvest, Matt.


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