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Boosting Our BDO Squad: Welcome Aboard, Patrick Sacor!

Patrick Sacor is a seasoned Senior Vice President in commercial lending, boasting over 25 years of comprehensive experience in financing real estate.  Graduating from the University of Nebraska with a BS in Finance, he embarked on a journey through various banking roles, including a stint as a former business owner in the transportation services sector, where he earned recognition from the INC 500/5000. Patrick's extensive background has fueled a passion for supporting and empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve their full potential. 


Committed to fostering client growth and prosperity, Patrick brings to the table a deep understanding of their unique needs, challenges, and aspirations. He serves as a dedicated advocate and trusted partner, specializing in diverse commercial real estate lending solutions such as SBA 7A and SBA 504, owner-occupied commercial properties, and investment properties. His expertise extends across multiple financial domains, including commercial real estate, working capital, equipment financing, treasury management, mergers and acquisitions, and wealth management.   Patrick’s blend of experience, knowledge, and dedication ensures that his clients receive tailored financial solutions to meet their specific goals and objectives. 



(312) 504-9252


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