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Elliott Levine

VP Business Development

Elliott, a seasoned professional in the dynamic realms of real estate and business financing, thrives within the fast-paced and ever-evolving industry. He is known for his adeptness in addressing the challenges presented in this environment, demonstrating a unique talent for creative loan structuring that best accommodates his clients' needs. Armed with extensive knowledge and a network of industry relationships, Elliott is committed to ensuring that commercial real estate and business lending become a seamless and stress-free experience for all.

Before his role, Elliott made significant strides in the industry as the President and Founder of Stellar Capital Solutions, Inc., where he transformed the dream of owning and operating one's own business into a reality for hundreds of clients. Elliott's career has been deeply intertwined with the financial sector, beginning after his attendance at Ohio University. He commenced his professional journey as a debt collector for the first-ever subprime wholesale lender, rapidly ascending the ranks to become the company's inaugural foreclosure and bankruptcy manager through his dedication and determination. Armed with a profound understanding of operations intricacies, Elliott took the bold step of establishing his own mortgage company, which introduced him to the commercial and business lending sector.

Over the course of two decades, Elliott has successfully founded, constructed, and operated his own financial lending companies, all while fostering enduring relationships with numerous industry professionals through his unique approach to business bonding and customer service.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Elliott is a devoted husband and father to two beautiful children. He actively engages with his community as a business consultant, participates in local charity fundraising initiatives, and champions local businesses. As a sports enthusiast, he volunteers as a coach for his children's leagues and clubs and cherishes outdoor activities such as skiing, boating, and hiking.

(914) 433-8775

Elliott Levine
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