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Our Team Just Got Stronger: Jeff Girling is Ready to Shine at Harvest

Jeff Girling is a seasoned professional in commercial real estate finance on a national level, with a notable impact in the Midwest and greater Chicagoland area. With a career spanning over two decades, Jeff has earned a reputation for his expertise in navigating the intricacies of commercial real estate. His dedication to client solutions and execution is evident in the numerous successful transactions and deals he has orchestrated, solidifying his position as a trusted advisor in the industry.

One of Jeff's key areas of specialization is Small Business Administration (SBA) financing, where he has demonstrated a nuanced understanding of the financial intricacies involved. His commitment to fostering trusted partnerships is a cornerstone of his approach, as he collaborates closely with clients to tailor strategies that align with their unique needs and goals. Beyond his professional pursuits, Jeff finds balance and fulfillment in his personal life. Residing in Glen Ellyn, IL, he enjoys unwinding through activities such as golfing and hiking and spending time with his two children and exemplifies civic responsibility by serving as a volunteer fireman in his community.




(630) 209-3662


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