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Marios Patatinis

VP Business Development

Prior to Harvest, Marios embarked on a remarkable journey as the Vice President of EM Stellar Capital Solutions. During this tenure, he not only facilitated business loans but also ventured into business ownership, running various enterprises himself. This phase of his career was marked by his assistance to numerous clients in realizing their dreams of business ownership, drawing from his personal experience as an entrepreneur.

Marios' deep-rooted connection to the financial sector has been a consistent theme in his professional life. Along the way, he has successfully founded, operated, and nurtured his own financial lending enterprises, forming enduring relationships with industry professionals. His exceptional business acumen and unwavering commitment to customer service have set him apart.

With a keen entrepreneurial perspective, Marios comprehends the challenges and aspirations of contemporary business ownership. He is well-equipped to assist entrepreneurs with their commercial real estate needs, whether it involves purchasing a building or pursuing cash-out refinancing.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Marios is a devoted husband and loving father to three wonderful children. He actively engages with his community as a trusted business owner and consultant, participating in local charity fundraising initiatives and championing the cause of supporting local businesses. An avid enthusiast of physical fitness, Marios dedicates time to maintaining his own health and encourages others to do the same.

(631) 512-0479

Marios Patatinis
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