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Elliott Levine

VP Business Development

Real estate and business financing has always been a fast paced and ever changing industry.  The challenges presented within industry has been an environment Elliott has always excelled in. He has a unique way of being creative and structuring loans to best accommodate the demands of his clients.  Through his extensive knowledge and relationships within the industry, Elliott’s goal is to make commercial real estate and business lending a seamless and stress free experience for all.

Before joining Harvest as a Vice President , Elliott was the president and founder of Stellar Capital Solutions, Inc. During this time he made the dream of owning and operating your own business a reality for hundreds of clients. Elliott’s background has always been surrounded and involved within the financial industry.  After attending Ohio University, Elliott started his professional career as a debt collector for the first ever subprime wholesale lender. Within a few months, through his hard work and determination, Elliott worked his way up to be the company’s first foreclosure and bankruptcy manager. After learning the intricacies of the operations, Elliott decided to take a leap and start his own mortgage company.  It was then that Elliott was introduced to the commercial and business lending industry. Over the past two decades, Elliott has successfully founded, constructed, and operated his own financial lending companies. During this time, Elliott has established, maintained and serviced many industry professionals through his distinctive business bonding and customer service relationships.

Elliott is a devoted husband and father of two beautiful children.  Elliott is active within his community as a business consultant, involved with local charity fundraising, and supports and promotes local businesses. Being a sports enthusiast, Elliott volunteers as a coach for many of his children’s leagues and clubs.  He also appreciates the great outdoors where he enjoys skiing, boating and hiking.


Elliott Levine
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